What We Do

E&R creates exclusive concept shows. We provide added value to our clients, both by presenting innovative solutions and by developing a trusting relationship.

We strive to find unique solutions to enhance the communication of a brand. We focus our efforts in creating a strong visual statement and a powerful experience, to ensure the events make a lasting impression.

We’re with the brands in their defining moments and we make them unforgetable. We build lifelong relationships with our clients.

How We Do It

We go above and beyond to give our clients what they need. And more.

Our work expands through several activity areas. We do event production and management - Whether it means building a simple structure or fully conceiving and designing a show, our commitment and professionalism are always up to the highest standards.

Our know-how comes from years of experience in event production and our services are versatile and flexible.

Eusébio&Rodrigues has all the human and technical resources needed to produce creative results that exceed expectations. We’re prepared to meet your brand’s vision and bring it to life.